West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – October 23rd

Another fun evening of public speaking was had at the Granary, Larkfield Chaired by Neil Lakeland, there will be two speeches – an A6 Vocabulary and Word Pictures delivered by Claire on the subject of a Frustrated Gardener and a prescription speech on the emotive subject of dementia by Sue. These were evaluated by Terry Nunn (for the A6) and by the whole club (for the prescription speech). Both successfully completed their assignments.

In addition to the speeches, there was a workshop on the use of the lectern delivered by Ray and topics, the art of impromptu speech, was chaired by Lorraine. These were ably evaluated by Sue. The general evaluation of the evening was conducted by Frani, our club President.

If you wish to come along to see what we do, email our Membership Secretary.