West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – March 28th

This, our joint Kent Area meeting with Chaucer Speakers’ Club and Thanet Speakers’ Club contained two set speeches and an entertaining impromptu speaking session.

Sheila Gomez, from Thanet Speakers’ Club, successfully passed her A3 “Mean what you say” speech on the subject of her speaking journey, whilst Jackie Clarke from West Kent passed her A5 “Using your voice effectively” on the subject of how to choose a dog. Jackie will now receive her intermediate certificate for completing the first five assignments.  The speeches were evaluated by Stewart Thomson (Chaucer Speakers’ Club) and Doug Weale (Thanet Speakers’ Club).

Topics, our session on impromptu speaking, was chaired by Ray Finn with contributions from everyone in the audience. This was evaluated by Adrian Hyner (Chaucer Speakers’ Club).