West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – February 12th

Taking place at the Early Bird, Grove Green, this meeting included two set speeches and a mini-workshop.

Chris Williams, one of our newer members delivered his A1 – Making a Start – speech on the subject of hypnosis. This was evaluated by Frani Hoskins. Claire McConchie then delivered her A7 – Use of Notes – speech, which was evaluated by Neil Lakeland. Both speeches were successful, with both speakers moving on to their next assignment.

Following the set speeches, there was an informative mini-workshop from Sue Shaw on gestures and body language. This was followed by an impromptu speaking session, chaired by Terry Nunn and evaluated by Monty Knight-Olds.

The General Evaluator for the evening was Suzanne.

If you wish to come along to see what we do, email our Membership Secretary.