Build confidence!

Learning to speak in public is both fun and challenging!

Here at West Kent Speakers’ Club we carefully guide our members through a structured programme of speech assignments designed to help them build real confidence every step of the way.

Upon joining West Kent Speakers’ Club, you will be issued with a Speakers Guide. This contains helpful information on each assignment, including the criteria that your evaluator will be using to see whether you can progress onto the next stage.   Each assignment builds on the skills of the previous one, whilst also giving you further techniques to use as you develop into a proficient public speaker.

Once you have completed the first five assignments you will be awarded an Interim Certificate of Achievement by the Association of Speakers’ Clubs.  You will then work towards the final five, after which you will gain the Certificate of Achievement, which is once again issued by the Association of Speakers Clubs. Members may then progress to the Advanced Section in which there are a further ten speech assignments.

C1 Impromptu Speech
C2 Outside Assignment
C3 Use Of Presentation Aids
C4 Chairing Meetings
C5 Developing and Delivering a Lecture
C6 Business Presentations
C7 The After Dinner Speech
C8 The Written Speech
C9 Speaking Without Notes
C10 Further Challenges

On successful completion of five (including some compulsories) advanced speeches an Advanced Certificate of Achievement issued by ASC is awarded.