Sue Shaw’s Story

Sue Shaw – Joined April 2009

After two very different experiences which I didn’t want to forget, I wrote journals. These turned into scripts that I thought had the possibility of being of interest to social groups.

However, my job in accountancy involved no need for public speaking so I was not sure I could deliver my talks. A friend had mentioned on a number of occasions, that she thought I would enjoy the experience of a Speakers Club. It sounded a bit scary and serious – it took a lot of persuading.

The reality at the club was very different, everyone was friendly, encouraging and supportive. I worked through the ASC’s assignment which has enabled me to deliver my talks to a variety of groups from 20 to 400 people. I have also gone from quivering wreck to representing the South East District twice in National Speech Competition Finals. In 2017 I was honoured to be part of the Kent Area team that won the ASC National Team Speaking Contest.

I wish I had joined the club earlier.