Ray Finn’s Story

Ray Finn – Joined 1995

I cannot begin to put a monetary value on the skills that I have learnt since becoming a member of West Kent Speakers’ Club.

I became a member of Business Network International (BNI) in the late summer of 1997 and I am still a member to this day. This meant that I spoke at business networking meetings two or three times most weeks. Sometimes this might be just a training session lasting between five and ten minutes. At other times I might also have to chair a meeting as well as give a presentation to more than one hundred people!

Several times over this period, complete strangers would come up to me after an event and offer
their compliments on my presentation and/or my handling of the meeting!

The growth of my business and my reputation as one of the top trainers in BNI is directly attributable to the public speaking skills that I have developed as a member of the West KentSpeakers’ Club.