Achieve more!

Every member of West Kent Speakers Club has their own story of how joining a Speakers’ Club has helped them improve their confidence, learn how to communicate more effectively and in some cases helped to make big changes in their lives.

Achieving Speaking Confidence is a journey that all of our members go on. Each member has a different motivator for joining, but all agree that through the assignments that they undertake, the evaluations they receive and support of their peers, they progress to become better communicators and leaders. Browse through their stories to find out and see what you may have in common with them.

The skills they learn come in useful in a variety of situations, whether it is an interview for a job, being stopped on the street by a media company and asked your view on a local issue, or thrust into the limelight in a business meeting.

What stories could you have to share in the future? The first step to finding out is to pay a visit to West Kent Speakers Club.