West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – October 11th

West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – September 27th

Chaired by Rowena Hawtin, members were treated to three speeches – an A3 “Mean What You Say”, an A4 “Gestures and Body Language” and an A5 “Use of Voice” – which were evaluated by Neil Lakeland, Gary Smith and Terry Nunn.

The topics session was run by Claire McConchie, her first time doing this, and evaluated by Eddie Barnes. The evening was evaluated by Chris Frost.

West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – September 13th

Chaired by Monty Knight-Olds, this meeting saw the club join the national conversation around evaluation. Members were invited to share their thoughts on the role of evaluation within the club setting, what we want evaluation to look like and the current process of speech evaluations.

Topics, where we tested our skills at impromptu speaking, was chaired by Rowena Hawtin and evaluated by Terry Nunn. Overall evaluation was delivered by Sue Shaw.

West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – August 23rd

With a change from the usual Association of Speakers’ Clubs (ASC) format, this evening was a Cogers Event, chaired by Trevor Kenning from Thanet Speakers’ Club. The opening address, given by Monty Knight-Olds, contained a number of topics that were further debated including, the Royal Family, Brexit, the American presidency, electric cars, HS2 and Bruce Forsyth.

With participation from most of the members present, the evening was evaluated by Neil Lakeland.


West Kent Speakers’ Club Meeting – February 22nd

Chaired by Ray Finn, this meeting contained a workshop on the use of humour (the A8 assignment), which was delivered by Bernie Morgan from Thanet Speakers’ Club.  Bernie, a stand-up comedienne, showcased some techniques and imparted some tips that can be applied as much to constructing and developing speeches, and not just speeches involving humour.

The topics session, which built on a humour theme, was chaired by Aly Harrold and evaluated by Bernie Morgan.  The General Evaluator for the evening was Fred Lemont.

West Kent Speakers’ Club Meeting – February 8th

Chaired by Fred Lemont, members present at this meeting were treated to a moving A2 “Speech Construction” speech by Frani Hoskins, which was evaluated by Sue Shaw, and a C1 “Impromptu Speech” by Chris Frost, evaluated by Gary Smith.

The topics session was run by Ann Etridge and evaluated by Neil Lakeland, with the General Evaluator for the evening being Ravi Kalsi.  As part of the evening, several members gave their feedback on the recent national training day, held in Islington.

West Kent Speakers’ Club Meeting – January 25th

Chaired by Neil Lakeland, this meeting featured an A1 “Icebreaker” speech from Jia Chiang Cheong on the subject of “My Big Day” and an A2 “Speech Construction” speech from Jackie Clarke.  These were successfully evaluated by Terry Nunn and Rowena Hawtin respectively.

The topics session was chaired by Chris Frost and evaluated by Ann Peters, with the General Evaluator for the evening being Ray Finn.


West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – January 11th

Chaired by Terry Nunn, this meeting saw the last of the club competitions – the evaluation competition. Competitors were each invited to evaluate the target speech “91 Days”, which was delivered by Rowena Hawtin. Congratulations to Sue Shaw and Ray Finn, who will be representing the club at the Area competitions.


West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – December 14th

This, the final meeting of the calendar year, was our annual speech competition. Chaired by Neil Lakeland, members of the club were treated to a variety of different speeches from the competitors.

Congratulations to Aly Harrold, Sue Shaw and Frani Hoskins, who were placed first, second and third respectively.

West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – November 23rd

Chaired by Ann Peters, with the impromptu speaking session delivered by Eddie Barnes, this meeting contained two speeches from the advanced manual.

Dave King delivered an entertaining C1 “Impromptu Speech”, which was evaluated by Monty Knight-Olds and Sue Shaw delivered her C9 “Speaking without Notes” presentation, which was evaluated by Terry Nunn.

The General Evaluator for the evening was Ray Finn.