About West Kent Speakers’ Club

As one of three speakers’ clubs in Kent, we are here to help you learn to speak in public. Learning to speak effectively takes time to develop. Here, at West Kent Speakers’ Club, we offer an excellent means to hone your skills so that you become a better communicator and gain a skill that is beneficial in business, as well as being enjoyable and rewarding.

Most people rank speaking in public as one of their greatest fears. Yet in today’s society more and more of us are being called upon to speak in front of others more frequently. By taking you through a series of logical assignments, which are evaluated by some of our more experienced members, you will improve your speech-making skills and develop as a competent speaker.

So, if you have a speech you need to deliver (for example a Father of the Bride or Best Man speech), want to improve your communication skills or just meet new people, why not consider joining us? We meet on the outskirts of Maidstone every second and fourth Wednesday.