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Advanced Diary Dates

Keep these dates in mind for WKSC, Area & National events happening in the coming months.

19th February - Kent Area Competition
19th March - SE District Competition & AGM
22nd March- Kent Area Joint Meeting
21st April - ASC National Conference
27th May - WKSC President's Dinner
19th June - Hopper Cup

Past Meetings

West Kent Speakers Club Meeting – Maidstone – August 23rd

With a change from the usual Association of Speakers' Clubs (ASC) format, this evening was a Cogers Event, chaired by Trevor Kenning from Thanet Speakers' Club. The opening address, given by Monty Knight-Olds, contained a number of topics that were further debated including, the Royal Family, Brexit, the American presidency, electric cars, HS2 and Bruce Forsyth. With participation from most of … [Read More...]

West Kent Speakers’ Club Meeting – February 22nd

Chaired by Ray Finn, this meeting contained a workshop on the use of humour (the A8 assignment), which was delivered by Bernie Morgan from Thanet Speakers' Club.  Bernie, a stand-up comedienne, showcased some techniques and imparted some tips that can be applied as much to constructing and developing speeches, and not just speeches involving humour. The topics session, which built on a humour … [Read More...]

West Kent Speakers’ Club Meeting – February 8th

Chaired by Fred Lemont, members present at this meeting were treated to a moving A2 "Speech Construction" speech by Frani Hoskins, which was evaluated by Sue Shaw, and a C1 "Impromptu Speech" by Chris Frost, evaluated by Gary Smith. The topics session was run by Ann Etridge and evaluated by Neil Lakeland, with the General Evaluator for the evening being Ravi Kalsi.  As part of the evening, … [Read More...]

More Past Meetings

Public Speaking News

Welcome Alvin

Welcome to Alvin, the latest member of West Kent Speakers' Club. … [Read More...]

West Kent Wins at Kent Area

The Kent Area competitions, which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Maidstone on Sunday 19th February, were dominated by speakers from West Kent. Consisting of a topics (impromptu speaking) competition, an evaluation competition and speech contest, the results of the day saw Sue Shaw win the topics contest and come runner up in the evaluation and speech competitions, with Aly Harrold winning the speech contest. This is the second time Aly has been crowned Kent Speaker and both her and Sue … [Read More...]

Welcome Jack

Welcome to Jack Simms, the latest member of West Kent Speakers' Club, who joined after his first visit to find out more about the club. … [Read More...]