Our Next Meetings

West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – September 12th

Join us at our new venue – the Bull at Linton – for an evening of public speaking.  Claire McConchie will be delivering her A4 Use of Gestures speech, which will be evaluated by Frani Hoskins, and Ann Peters will be delivering a prescription speech.

Our impromptu speaking session will be chaired by Jackie Clarke and evaluated by Neil Lakeland. The General Evaluator will be Ray Finn.

West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – September 26th

Join us at our new venue – the Bull at Linton – for an evening of public speaking.

Advanced Diary Dates

Keep these dates in mind for WKSC, Area & National events happening in the coming months.

24th October – Evaluation Competition
12th December – Speech Competition
17th March – South East District Conference, Hilton Maidstone

Past Meetings

West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – October 10th

This, our second meeting at the Early Bird in Grove Green, comprised an A1 ""Making a Start" speech by Suzanne where she spoke on the subject of where she was from and the countries she'd travelled to. This was evaluated by Frani Hoskins. Ann Etridge also delivered an A8 "Use of Humour" speech on the subject of "is laughter the best medicine?", which was evaluated by Neil Lakeland. Following … [Read More...]

West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – August 22nd

Chaired by our Club President - Frani Hoskins - members benefited from an evaluation workshop delivered by Sue Shaw and Lorraine Burwood. Covering the reasons behind evaluation, as well as some tips as to what makes a good evaluation, members were asked to comment on the target speech delivered by Neil Lakeland.  This speech, which was also a prescription speech, explored some of the problems of … [Read More...]

West Kent Speakers Club – Maidstone – August 8th

Chaired by Lorraine Burwood, at a new venue of the Early Bird at Grove Green, members were treated to an A7 speech delivered by Frani all about the Castle in Tonbridge, she really inspired us to go and visit. Congratulations to her for a brilliant speech and look forward to her A8 speech when she is ready. We also had an expertly delivered prescription speech all about mangos from Sue. Who knew … [Read More...]

More Past Meetings

Public Speaking News

West Kent in National Finals

Following Rowena Hawtin's successful appearance at the Kent Area competitions in February, she took the stage at the South-East District competition on 18th March.  Once again, Rowena came first with Neil Taylor from the City of London Speakers' Club second. Rowena will now go on to the national competitions in York over the weekend of 27-29 April. … [Read More...]

Congratulations Rowena

Congratulations to Rowena Hawtin who has successfully progressed through to the South-East District speech competition, having been awarded second place at the Kent Area competition on 11th February. … [Read More...]

Welcome Lee

Welcome to Lee Hayward, pictured here being presented with her Guide by Monty Knight-Olds.  Leigh is the latest member of West Kent Speakers' Club and we look forward to hearing you progress through the Guide. … [Read More...]